About Us

MONAGAN (PVT) LTD the construction  hub meeting your construction needs in a sustainable way

Monagan (PVT)LTD is a building and construction and maintenance company specializing in Building, Renovations, Plumbing, Electrical and Shopfitting. The main driving force towards our growth and expansion has been our passion to offer construction projects that meet that meet the highest standards in terms of quality and customer satisfaction. Having started as a small company in 1987, Monagan (PVT) LTD has grown to become one of the best construction companies offering high quality construction projects in a sustainable way while meeting our client’s expectations and desires.
Monagan (PVT)Ltd has created a track record of delivering high quality construction projects in the last 3 decades through the adoption of customer centric way of conducting business.

We are a construction company focused on achieving all your present constriction needs and dreams and expectations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their construction own needs.

We are known for quality residential, commercial and industrial construction done in a sustainable way, and we meet all your unique designs in a unique way

Sustainable construction in the new economic order and hi-tech business environment is our guiding philosophy in all our works. We achieve innovative construction designs with an innovative and creative team thereby meeting all your construction dreams, expectations and vision.

Our projects are defined by your visions, expectations and ideas, meeting all your unique needs in a unique way in

(a) construction,

(b) Re-innovation

(c) Re-imagining

(d) electrical fittings

We have moved a gear up in the construction sector through our focus on sustainability in all our construction works. We do our construction, renovations and electrical fittings in an environmentally friendly way. We have embraced green construction philosophy, moving a gear up in the construction sector through our focus on renewable energy, recycling approach and the use of environmentally friendly and affordable materials.

Our competitiveness is anchored on innovative approach to our construction works, sustainable construction management system  , application of digital technology in terms of Building Information Modeling or BIM, and an integrated project delivery method.

We meet your  expectations, ideas and dreams by;

  1. Achieving excellence in the construction sector for current and future generations
  2. Achieving greatness in electrical fittings in line with the renewable energy thrust thereby keeping you lighted now and into the future
  3. Achieving excellency in all renovation, repairs and re-imaging to keep pace with changing demands and expectations in the construction sector

Our value to you is anchored on the new building technology focusing on the use of fewer materials in a more sophisticated or innovative manner thereby conferring competitive advantage to our clients.

We are guided by the principles of sustainability in all our works which are

(a) futurity construction, repairs, renovation, reimaging and electrical works

(b) green construction, construction, repairs, renovation, reimaging and electrical works

(c) affordable construction, repairs, renovation, reimaging and electrical works and client centered  construction, repairs, renovation, reimaging and electrical works

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